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Model Railroading Opens a World of Discovery and Creativity!

Model railroading develops imagination and important life-long skills

Boy working on trains at Angels Gate Hi-RailersModel railroad layouts have a powerful magic and there’s a reason why people consider model railroading the “World’s Greatest Hobby.” Model railroading brings out a sense of child-like wonder in all of us. It can transport us to a different place or time, allowing our imaginations to run free. It also provides an opportunity to work with our hands, our minds, and our inner creativity.

Club members of all ages bring such skills as carpentry, electrical wiring or track, switches and signals, the maintenance and repair of locomotives and rolling stock, as well as the fabricating, painting and weathering of scenery and buildings; photography and three-point perspective, and even computer technology.

Additionally, when children are exposed to model railroading, their minds become receptive to many things which we would like them to learn. This affords a tremendous opportunity to teach them not only about trains, but about life and the world around them in general – and gives the TV and computer a rest!

Ask our friendly club members to answer your questions 

We welcome you and your kids to visit our club. Please feel free to ask questions of our members as they are always anxious to answer your questions and provide helpful knowledge or advice. Many of our members have modeled in other than O-scale, such as N-gauge, H-O-gauge, American Flyer S-gauge, or garden railroading. 

If you and your child are thinking of building a home layout, our members can talk to you about how to design a layout, and what track and equipment would be best for the size and purpose of your layout. Do not hesitate to ask for their suggestions.


How our club helped a young autistic member improve his verbal skills 

Watch a short documentary about how Angels Gate Hi-Railers was influential in assisting Sean O’Connor, a club member since the age of 7 (now a young man), improve his verbal skills as well as social interaction, planning and organizational capabilities.

Meet Sean Movie

 “Meet Sean” 

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